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TM Linings Testimonial -Tribeca Homes

As one of Australia’s top 50 home builders, Tribeca has constructed well over 4,500 turnkey family homes along Australia’s eastern seaboard since beginning operations in 2007.

At present, the company is developing a number of new estates in Queensland and New South Wales, with several more projects in the pipeline for coming months. Core to all of Tribeca’s developments are a number of key criteria: establishing an attractive and unique character for each estate, providing a variety of home options and building in growth corridors with proximity to transport, commercial, cultural and sporting facilities.

TM Linings has been involved in many Tribeca developments including the 90 home Heartland Estate project in Gledswood Hills, and stages one to five of the Dreamscape Estate development at Gregory Hills which covered the build of approximately 150 homes.

Tribeca Construction Supervisor, Dennis Perinich, said that TM Linings had provided the company with many benefits during construction of these projects.

“We choose to work with TM Linings because of the service, quality and price they offer, and they also provide excellent maintenance procedures,” Dennis said.

“Compared to others they are reliable, honest and willing to help in difficult situations, not to mention their superior quality and back-up service.”

It’s this willingness to help out that has seen TM Linings make recommendations on several builds, which has resulted in a number of efficiencies for Tribeca according to Dennis.

“TM Linings Director, Michael, is proactive – as an example he advised us to change full height tiling jobs to a square set, which has saved return trips and build time for us,” he said.

Being on the Executive Committee of the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) Australia and New Zealand, Michael is at the forefront of the linings industry and this brings clients like Tribeca considerable peace of mind, Dennis said.

“From Michael’s involvement, we know that best practice will always be applied and we are kept up-to-date, first hand on any developments in the plasterboard industry,” he said.

“For example, when cornice was is short supply TM pre-empted the shortage and had arranged for supplies to be shipped in from interstate. Our jobs were not impacted by the cornice shortage at all, where builders using other suppliers were sitting and waiting.”