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TM Linings helps WISDOM Homes avoid ‘glancing’ blow

Buyers of prestige, quality homes demand the very highest build standards, and rightly so considering the considerable investment they are making. As a multi award-winning professional builder of modern homes, pools and landscaping projects, Sydney-based WISDOM Homes seeks to deliver these high standards and exceed customer expectations with every project.

TM Linings has been fortunate enough to regularly partner with WISDOM Homes in recent years, including on its ‘HomeWorld Box Hill’ development in Western Sydney. During the early stages of lock-up on this project which comprised four display homes, TM Linings Managing Director, Michael Lavorato, visited the job site and noted several challenges that would need to be overcome in progressing the plastering work.

“The orientation of the homes, the positioning of the large windows and rake of the ceiling led us to believe that there would be a high likelihood of ‘glancing light’ in some of the spaces,” Michael said.

“Glancing light is the light that shines across wall and ceiling surfaces at an acute angle casting shadows that highlight irregularities in the plasterboard – it can make surfaces look uneven and exaggerating the appearance of joints.

“The issue of glancing light is more common in newer homes with large open plan areas and generous sized windows that encourage more natural light, but can also be caused by certain types of light fittings and how these lights are positioned and installed.

“At WISDOM Homes’ Box Hill development, the inclusion of swimming pools close to the home were another potential source of glancing light, as water is an extremely reflective surface.”

With the home plans firmly in place and little scope for reducing the way light entered each house, Michael recommended installing a specialist plasterboard, ‘Knauf Opal’, in certain rooms.

“This board is made using heavier duty lining papers that are pre-coated using a special treatment, leading to an extremely white and smooth finish that shows up fewer imperfections, even under demanding lighting conditions,” Michael said.

According to Michael, it’s TM Linings’ many years of industry experience, a thorough knowledge of the latest plastering materials and a commitment to customer service that sets the company apart from many others. It also allows his team to quickly identify and potential issues and act on them swiftly.

“Delivering a superior customer experience and a premium finish is front of find for us in every project we take on,” he said.

“If we identify opportunities to provide additional no cost value for our clients, such as we did for WISDOM Homes, we certainly will, it’s part of our service and ethos.

“Our knowledge can save clients time, money and frustration, leading to a more seamless project for all involved.