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Plasterers who can do it all

Residential and commercial builders often have many challenges to overcome in developing properties – coordinating trades and keeping to budgets and timeframes while delivering great finished results, can be a delicate balancing act.

One way of reducing this stress is by engaging professional tradespeople who have the same commitment to quality and can provide expert advice during and prior to the build process, while also meeting deadlines and adhering to best practice processes. As a company, TM Linings has a proven 20 year history in the plastering industry, with several team members having over 50 years’ experience. The company is also New South Wales’ largest plasterboard specialist.

Given its time in the industry, TM Linings can offer full plasterboard services, from consultancy to commercial and residential installation as well as repairs and facilities maintenance. This means that developers can rest assured that TM Linings have all their requirements covered which helps deliver efficiency and a more seamless fitout.

As a tier one contractor servicing the state’s larger developers, TM Linings has strict procedures in place that meet the latest industry-best practices, and complement the builder’s own quality assurance processes. This includes scheduling to deliver materials during payment gates and a range of digital automation initiatives.

Using a digital portal, the TM Linings team can provide clients with real-time project updates from the work site including job status, photos and job competition details. The digital system is far more efficient than traditional hardcopy methods, providing builders with an easily traceable digital ‘paper trail’ and integration with their own systems, while delivering insights on project progress and efficiency for TM Linings.

With over 40 master plasterers on the team, TM Linings has the depth of installers to meet tight deadlines, yet the company still maintains a caring family business attitude that sees Directors, Michael Lavorato and Tony Inzitari regularly visit work sites and take a hands-on interest in job progression and quality. Before joining the company, prospective TM Linings staff and sub-contractors must pass a robust onboarding process and final vetting by the Directors. It’s touches like this that put TM Linings head and shoulders above most of its competitors.

Builders who engage TM Linings also get the peace of mind in knowing that Michael is on the Executive Committee of the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) Australia and New Zealand, the Peak representative body for contractors, suppliers and manufacturers throughout the wall and ceiling industries. This involvement with the Association keeps him at the forefront of plasterboard industry trends including advancements in products and installation techniques.

Some of TM Linings’ recently-completed residential development projects for leading tier 1 builders are covered in the ‘Projects’ section of website. These larger projects aside, TM Linings is also fully committed to working on smaller scale projects, offering those developers and builders the same benefits.